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Hi there,

Thanks for joining the dvplab for your research project – looking forward to working with you!

This ever-growing collection of tips, guides, links and illustrations is at your service. If you are visiting for the first time, have a look around. Our recommendation: start with the well-being topic, as the single most important thing is that you keep well while doing your project (and in general).

Feel free to come back any time you need specific advice on aspects of your project. Don’t know how to get started? Have a look at the typical procedures. Want to pre-register your work or need to submit an ethics application – go here. Stuck with data analysis? Have a look at these pages. All research done and time to put it on “paper”? Find some writing tips here and help with illustrating your data here.

Also, browse this website for more information on dvplab research.

And note that these pages lives through your feedback. Kindly get in touch if you have tips for improvements, if you feel like info is out of date or you found an error.

-Christian Keitel

See what earlier students have to say about their dissertation experiences:

  • Kirsten 2021
    My name is Kirsten, and I recently finished my MSc in psychology (conversion course) at the University of Stirling. Before this course, I completed a BSc in sport and exercise science, an MSc in sports management, and an MSc in sport psychology. As you can see from my academic history, my overarching interest and passionContinue reading “Kirsten 2021”
  • Sophie’s dissertation experience
    My name is Sophie and I am a soon-to-be graduate of the University (again!). I studied for both my undergraduate BSc in Psychology and postgraduate MSc in Psychological Research Methods (Cognition and Neuropsychology) here at Stirling. My journey into psychological research began in my 3rd year of University following a six-month stint as a researchContinue reading “Sophie’s dissertation experience”
  • Michael’s dissertation experience
    My name is Michael and I’m an MSc Psychology (Conversion) student at the University of Stirling. I recently finished my research project investigating the brain wave activity associated with watching ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this project was conducted outside of the normal EEG lab setting and instead at the homeContinue reading “Michael’s dissertation experience”


The Dynamic Vision and Performance Lab is part of the Psychology of the University of Stirling – est. 2020.

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